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We are going to be using this site mainly to keep you updated on Mitchell as he grows! We will also give other info about what's going on in the Reid household. This is an easy way for you to keep up with our daily and weekly events as well as watch Mitchell change and grow!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer time!!!

We are officially out of school for the summer and Mitchell and I have been loving almost every minute of it! I say "almost" every minute, because I know we both probably drive each other crazy a little bit since we are not used to all of this one-on-one time. But so far, it has been fun to play everyday.

Since our last post, so much has happened. At the end of his eight months and into nine months, Mitchell really started to take off with walking. At this point, he runs everywhere! Keeping up with him has definitely been a challenge, but we have everything around the house "baby-proofed" so he is free to roam wherever he pleases.

Mitchell also has a mouth full of teeth! He is currently working on pushing through more molars and his final front bottom teeth. This has been a fairly smooth process, although the crib rails are suffering because of it!

We also recently found out that Mitchell's food allergies are a little more severe than what we originally thought. As of right now, we definitely know that he is allergic to milk, soy, eggs, and wheat. We will be visiting a Pediatric Allergist at Vanderbilt in August to do more tests to find out what else he is allergic to since his skin continues to break out. We are also hoping to gain a little more insight as to how long these allergies will last and if he will ever outgrow them. For now, we're just doing our research, reading our labels, and keeping his diet pretty strict.

Overall we are just enjoying our time with Mitchell as he grows everyday. We are so amazed with what new things he comes up with each day. He is beginning to say coherent words and "Daddy, ball, socks, hi, and bye" are some of his favorite. Moo-ing like a cow is also quickly catching on around the Reid house.

Now that I'm out of school for the summer, just maybe I can keep this blog more updated....we'll see!!


This was Mitchell's first visit with his new friends! Will Zuber and Evylee & Kenzlee Terry are going to be Mitchell's buddies...when he's old enough to sit up and play!

The Bumbo Seat!

The Bumbo Seat!
We have discovered that Mitchell loves sitting up and seeing the world from a "big boy" point of view. His new Bumbo seat has quickly become one of his favorite things to do. He loves watching and listening to us talk to him while he's sitting up just like us!

Mitchell's in deep thought about something...